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Kevin M. Lemley


Kevin M. Lemley

I have been practicing law since 2003, with several years of experience in big law firms in Houston, Texas, and Little Rock, Arkansas. While most of my work has been in Arkansas, I have also won cases in Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Texas. These days I spend more time on the marketing and management side of the business, but I still enjoy getting into the courtroom when I can.

When folks ask what we do, they are usually surprised when I say we are a logistics company like FedEx. We take people from a difficult time in their life to a happier time in their life. Our goal for every client is to get them to that happier time as quickly as we can.

We opened the firm in Cabot several years ago, where I live with my wife and daughter. As word got out, folks were driving a long way to see us. In 2021, we opened the Searcy office in a great location across the street from the new court building. In 2022, we opened the Little Rock office.


Madison Cameron


Madison Cameron

I have been practicing law since 2017. I am responsible for managing the family law practice, which includes divorce, custody, adoption, and guardianship. I also work with Kevin on all our criminal defense cases. I love doing research and finding mistakes by the prosecution to help our clients get the best possible results.

My mission as an attorney is to help others and make sure that hard experiences are just a little bit easier. I also take a special interest in environmental issues and seek to assist organization that support Arkansas remaining a great Natural State.


Debbie Kitchens

Manager – Cabot Office

Debbie Kitchens

I have worked as a paralegal for over 25 years with plenty of experience helping clients in all types of cases. Along with managing the Cabot office, I also manage our firm’s family law, probate, and real estate practices. When I am not consulting with new clients, I work with court clerks to make sure everything is filed and our cases keep moving forward. I live in Cabot so I can be close to my daughter and 2 grandchildren.




Hi, my name is Moose, and I have been the head of Barketing here for over 2 years now. When I’m not posting on Facebook or sunbathing by the window, you’ll see me greeting our clients that come into the office. I have superior paper shredding skills and know how to spill a cup of coffee.


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It is easy to get on the wrong path, it happens one small seemingly innocent decision at a time. Regardless of all of the circumstances, that one, small, decision can have painful and terrifying lifelong consequences and impacts. Getting back on the right track also happens one step at a time. Let Kevin Lemley Law Partners untangle the confusion and guide you toward peace of mind better outcomes one step at a time.

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