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People who are accused of committing crimes deserve second chances. Maybe you made a mistake. Maybe you willingly committed a crime, and now you’re full of remorse. Maybe you acted out of necessity. No matter your situation, if you committed a felony or misdemeanor, and now you feel you have nowhere to turn, we are here for you.

At Kevin Lemley Law Partners, we are criminal defense lawyers who understand that those who commit crimes are real people with lives and families worth protecting. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping clients in Cabot, AR, by defending them in court.

We’ll fight to reduce your charges or to get your case dismissed. We’ll listen to your story and help you decide your best course of action for your criminal charges. And if you’ve been wrongly accused, we won’t stop until we prove your innocence. We’ll help you navigate the criminal defense system and ensure your rights are protected. Experienced criminal defense lawyers at Kevin Lemley Law Partners law firm are here for you. Are you facing felony or misdemeanor criminal charges in Cabot, AR? Do you need a premium criminal lawyer? If so, contact the criminal defense attorneys at Kevin Lemley Law Partners and schedule your free consultation today.

Felony Consequences in Cabot, Arkansas

In Arkansas, a felony is a crime that is punishable by incarceration. Some examples of felony crimes include drug-related crimes, aggravated robbery, sex crimes, and other violent crimes. The consequences of felonies in Arkansas depend on the classification of the crime. The penalties are as follows:

  • Class D Felonies: These crimes are punishable by up to six years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.
  • Class C Felonies: These crimes are punishable by three to ten years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.
  • Class B Felonies: These crimes are punishable by five to twenty years in prison and up to a $15,000 fine.
  • Class A Felonies: These crimes are punishable by six to thirty years in prison and up to a $15,000 fine.
  • Class Y Felonies: These crimes are punishable by ten to forty years or life in prison.

In addition to these consequences, a felony conviction can result in other legal issues. Including losing voting rights, gun rights, child custody, and your right to own a professional license. These penalties can be severe and life-altering. That’s why it’s important to hire qualified legal counsel for your criminal charge.

Aggravating and Mitigating Factors

An aggravating factor is any reason that a judge would increase your sentence. If you have a prior conviction, the judge might add to your penalties.

Here are some more examples of aggravating factors that could affect your case:

  • You used a deadly weapon
  • You harmed someone while committing the crime
  • You committed a crime as a part of a group
  • You committed a crime against a vulnerable victim

Conversely, a mitigating factor is a reason that a judge would reduce your sentence. An example of this is if you lack a criminal record.

Some other examples of mitigating factors include:

  • You show remorse for the crime
  • You didn’t harm anyone
  • You committed the crime out of necessity
  • You played a small part in the crime

If you’ve committed a criminal offense, you should consult with a felony defense attorney to discuss aggravating and mitigating factors that might affect your case. A good defense team can use mitigating factors to create a better defense strategy for you. It’s also essential for them to know about possible aggravating factors so they can be prepared to defend you in court.

Contact an Arkansas Criminal Law Attorney

At Kevin Lemley Law Partners, we are a criminal defense law firm that understands good people make mistakes. When someone commits a crime, they often feel regret and deserve a second chance at life. In other situations, the defendant was wrongly accused, and they need a criminal defense attorney to prove their innocence. No matter the circumstances, we’ll protect your rights and fight to get your felony charges reduced or dismissed. If you’ve been charged with a felony or misdemeanor in Cabot, AR, and want to avoid a criminal conviction, you’ll need a good criminal defense attorney. That’s where we come in. We are the best criminal defense firm located in Cabot, AR, and we are here for your criminal defense needs. Call one of the qualified criminal defense lawyers at Kevin Lemley Law Partners to schedule a free consultation today.

Felony Defense: Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m innocent, do I need a lawyer?

Yes! Even if you’re innocent, hiring a criminal defense lawyer is advisable to help you through the legal system. The prosecuting attorney will pursue your case, and there is no guarantee a judge will believe you were wrongly accused. An attorney will help you create a defense strategy to prove that you weren’t involved with the crime.

What’s the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor?

A misdemeanor is a less severe crime than a felony, meaning they have much lighter penalties than a felony. For example, if you’re charged with a misdemeanor, you might only face a year in jail, but if you’re accused of a felony, you can face ten or more years in prison, depending on the classification of your charge.

How can you help my case?

You need to hire a criminal defense attorney to achieve the best possible outcome for your felony or misdemeanor case. We have represented a wide range of criminal cases, so we are well-equipped to defend you and protect your rights in court so you can avoid a guilty verdict. You must be honest with your lawyer, even if that means telling us incriminating information about yourself. If you’re honest with your attorney, we can curate your strongest defense case.

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