Cabot White Collar Crime Lawyer

Cabot White Collar Crime Lawyer
Cabot White Collar Crime Lawyer

Cabot White Collar Crime Attorney

The defendants who face white collar criminal charges are often business professionals or public figures. A criminal conviction for securities fraud, money laundering, or another type of white-collar crime can lead to serious penalties like orders to pay restitution, fines, and jail or prison time. If you are facing white-collar criminal charges, you can work with a Cabot white collar crime lawyer who understands how to defend clients facing business-related criminal charges.

Common White-Collar Crimes in Cabot

White-collar crime is an umbrella term used to describe nonviolent crimes that use business transactions to steal and defraud money from victims. A white-collar criminal defense attorney can represent clients facing these and other white-collar crimes.

  • Fraud: Fraud could include securities fraud, insurance fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud. The crime involves deceiving someone for financial gain, often through false representations or omissions of material facts.
  • Embezzlement: This occurs when someone entrusted with money or property unlawfully takes or misappropriates it for their own use. One example would be an investment bank that uses client funds to pay off personal debts.
  • Forgery: Forgery involves falsely making or altering a document with the intent to defraud or deceive. Checks, contracts, and other legal documents are often falsified through acts of forgery.
  • Identity theft: This crime involves stealing someone’s personal information. The information stolen could be their Social Security number or credit card details. Identity theft is committed to steal or borrow funds under someone else’s name.
  • Insider trading: Insider trading occurs when someone trades stocks or securities based on non-public information. Often, the person who profits from these activities has special connections to the company.

White collar crimes are often difficult to prosecute. Prosecutors are often tasked with proving that complex business transactions were committed with criminal intent. Without a provable crime or intent, prosecutors may not have a case.

What Can a White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney Do for Me?

The job of a white-collar criminal defense attorney is to represent defendants in court and protect the rights of their clients. The most favorable outcome for any criminal case would be to have the charges dropped. This can be done when the attorney gathers enough evidence to show that no crime was committed or that there was no criminal intent.

Business transactions can be incredibly complicated. What might look like nefarious actions to one person could turn out to be legitimate business dealings. White-collar crimes have a reputation of being more difficult to prosecute successfully.

While a prosecutor may only need video footage of someone robbing a convenience store to prove their case, proving a white-collar crime can be far more difficult. The prosecution has to show that the defendant committed business acts with the intent of committing a crime. Often, the victims of white-collar crimes have lost considerable amounts of money. They may allege a crime occurred when a business deal fell through.

Your white collar criminal defense attorney in Cabot, Arkansas can explore many strategies that can weaken the state’s case against you. One potential favorable outcome could be reduced penalties. Your lawyer can seek a favorable plea bargain settlement by presenting facts that mitigate the criminality of your business dealings. Having a clean criminal record and being an upstanding member of the community could paint you in a favorable light.

Why Do You Need a White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney?

Whether you were recently arrested or found out that you are being investigated for committing a white-collar crime, the first thing you should do is cease discussing details about the case with anyone. It may be tempting to go to friends to vent or find reassurance that you did nothing wrong. There is nothing to be gained by discussing the case, and you may unintentionally help the prosecution and cause additional legal problems for yourself.

If you do not already have legal representation, you should work to find an experienced white-collar crime attorney who will speak on your behalf when needed. Facing criminal charges can be very stressful. Once you have a lawyer working on your behalf, you can focus on your personal life. Your lawyer will keep you updated as the case moves forward.


Q: Who Investigates White Collar Crimes?

A: Local law enforcement, state agencies, and federal agencies investigate white collar crimes. Due to the complexity of investigating these types of crimes, many local police departments have minimal resources to allot to business-related offenses. At the federal level, the United States Department of Justice and FBI examine white-collar crimes.

Q: What Crimes Fall Under White Collar Crime?

A: Many crimes fall under the umbrella of white collar crime. Extortion, bribery, insider trading, securities fraud, and money laundering are common types of white-collar crime. These types of crimes are all-nonviolent and involve the use of what often appears to be legitimate business transactions to conduct illegal activities.

Q: How Do You Fight White Collar Crime?

A: One way that you can fight white-collar criminal charges is by hiring a white-collar criminal defense attorney who can work to prove that you are innocent. White-collar crimes are very complex, and prosecutors often misinterpret their findings. Even when the evidence suggests that a crime may have been committed, the prosecution still has to prove intent. Not every criminal defense attorney has the experience to represent white collar defendants successfully.

Q: What Is the Difference Between White and Green Collar Crime?

A: There are many differences between white and green collar crime. White collar crimes involve business and finances. Green collar crimes are criminal activities that harm the environment or violate environmental and conservation regulations. The actions may involve activities like unlawfully dumping or burying hazardous materials, engaging in illegal logging, participating in the illicit trade of exotic wildlife, or engaging in illegal poaching.

Schedule Your White Collar Crime Consultation Today

Being convicted of a white-collar crime could have life-changing consequences for you and your career. Any business partners you work with could also have their reputations tarnished through association with you. Being charged with a white-collar crime does not mean that you are guilty. With the right legal team, you can fight the charges and work to clear your name.

The legal team at Lemley Law Partners can work to show that no crime was committed or that you did not act with criminal intent. Sometimes, business deals are unsuccessful, and those who lose money assume the worst. To schedule your consultation, contact our office today.

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