Hot Springs Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

Hot Springs Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer
Best Hot Springs Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

Hot Springs Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

Domestic violence is a serious issue, and the law reflects that reality. It’s also an emotionally charged issue that people, including juries, want to see punished possibly more than other crimes. That’s why if you’re charged with domestic violence in Hot Springs, AR, it’s critical that you have a substantial defense. One of the ways that you can assure yourself of that is by working with the right Hot Springs domestic violence defense lawyer.

At Lemley Law Partners, you will find criminal defense lawyers ready to defend you against these kinds of charges. With years of experience compassionately defending clients, you’ll be protected in the hands of our firm.

What Are Domestic Battering Charges and Penalties?

There are three degrees of potential domestic battering charges that you could be charged with. They all involve intending to cause serious physical injury to a household or family member and having followed through with that intent. The degree that is charged depends on the nature of the injuries caused, who was injured, and what was used to cause the injuries.

These may be classified as something between a Class A misdemeanor and a Class A felony. The penalties could include fines, probation, and sentences of less than a year in jail all the way up to 30 years in prison.

What Does an Aggravated Assault on a Family or Household Member Entail?

The threat of harm against a family or household member may also be a form of domestic violence. Creating a substantial risk of serious harm or death, threatening with a firearm, or impeding someone’s breathing could all be considered aggravated assault. This is a Class D felony and is punishable by up to a $10,000 fine and as many as six years in prison.

FAQs About Hot Springs, AR Domestic Violence Defense Laws

What Should I Do if I’m Arrested for Domestic Violence?

If you find yourself arrested, it’s important to realize that those moments can be critical to your case and future defense. In those moments, there are things you could do that preserve your defense and may help or things that could negatively impact your defense. Some of the important things to remember are:

  • Relax – This can be hard, as getting arrested could lead to your adrenaline spiking while also feeling a wave of emotions. It’s critical, though, that you don’t act on those emotions. You could easily say or do something that ends up hurting your case or leading to new charges. Instead, stay calm and wait for the legal process to unfold.
  • Remain Silent – You have a right to remain silent, and it’s critical that you exercise that right. Police are trained to try and coax a confession or other incriminating information from suspects. It’s always better to remain silent and wait for your lawyer before answering any questions.

What Relationships Make Something Domestic Violence?

Domestic charges are characterized by the relationship that existed between the victim and perpetrator prior to the incident. They must be “family or household members.” These are defined as:

  • Spouses or ex-spouses
  • Parents
  • Children
  • Children living in the household who aren’t your own
  • Anyone related by blood
  • People you live with or used to live with
  • Anyone you have a child with
  • Anyone you are currently dating or formerly dated

How Do You Defend Against Domestic Violence Charges?

Defending against any kind of domestic violence charges will be dependent upon the particulars of the charges and the nature of the incident involved. It’s important to remember, though, that in all criminal charges, the burden of proof is on the prosecution. This means that they must be able to demonstrate, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the crime was committed.

In many cases, a solid defensive strategy may be to challenge the case made by the prosecution in a few different ways. Perhaps the evidence is weak and can be challenged as not being what the prosecution claims it to be. The narrative presented by the prosecution could also potentially be challenged as well. The point in these cases is not necessarily to “prove innocence” but rather to create enough doubt in the minds of jurors that they can’t convict the accused.

What Will a Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer Do?

A defense lawyer has several important roles that they perform for their clients. Firstly, they act in service of protecting their clients’ rights. You are afforded certain rights within the legal process, and your lawyer is responsible for protecting those rights. They can help protect you from self-incrimination, fight to ensure you have a fair trial, and stand up for your other constitutional rights.

They will also act as your representation through the legal process. This means that they will conduct a thorough investigation of the situation surrounding the charges. In particular, they will have to think like a prosecutor would in order to gather evidence that could potentially poke holes in the prosecution’s narrative and put doubt in the minds of the jury.

The investigation will prove the foundation of your defense in a trial, but before even getting to that point, there are other ways your lawyer may represent you. The prosecution may offer a plea deal, and your lawyer will represent you in those negotiations. Your lawyer may also attempt to get the charges thrown out if legal grounds can be found. If, though, the case does go to trial, your lawyer will represent you and put forth your defense.

Get Help With Your Domestic Violence Defense From an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

Domestic violence is a criminal offense and is taken very seriously by the state of Arkansas. Because the crime involves taking advantage of vulnerable people, the penalties are especially severe, and the court can be very hesitant to offer any leniency.

For juries, too, this is an issue that can often involve significant emotions that the prosecution may try to play on. This means that a defense against domestic violence charges must be robust and argued well. When you are represented by Lemley Law Partners, you will be working with a team that has experience defending against claims of domestic violence. We are ready to represent you if that’s the situation you find yourself in. Contact us today to discuss your case.

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