Hot Springs Sex Crime Lawyer

Hot Springs Sex Crime Lawyer

Hot Springs Sex Crime Lawyer

Hot Springs Sex Crime Attorney

The impact of a sex crime can be far-reaching for accused individuals. In addition to adding to your criminal record, a felony sex crime could impact your voting and firearm rights as well. Those who have been accused of sex crimes have the right to a fair trial by the courts. A Hot Springs sex crime lawyer can help mitigate the negative effects of your charges.

We Can Help Create Your Defense

Every attorney at Lemley Law Partners is passionate about helping individuals accused of crimes. They have a wide variety of experience in criminal defense, including sex crime charges. Working with our attorneys provides your case with first-class legal attention in order to minimize the potential consequences of your charges.

What Is a Sex Crime?

There are numerous different types of sex crimes, each with its own penalties. Most sex crimes fall under the following categories:

  • Rape: An act of rape is defined as having sex with someone else who does not consent to the sexual activity. There are numerous reasons why someone might not consent to sexual activity: they could be coerced into the activity, threatened with violence or other punishments, or not be able to consent due to being a minor, mentally disabled, or incapacitated.
  • Sexual Assault: There are multiple degrees of sexual assault depending on the context of the situation. Sexual assault involving a government employee like a corrections officer, teacher, or other educational staff member is often punished more severely. Actions can include rape or other forms of non-consensual sexual contact.
  • Sexual Extortion: You could still be charged with a sex crime without committing any physical sexual action. If you threaten to release a recording of someone having sex or engaging in explicit conduct, you are committing sexual extortion, which is a Class B felony.
  • Sexual Indecency With a Child: Anyone over 18 commits this crime by engaging in sexual activity with or exposing themselves to a minor less than 15 years old. The perpetrator could also force the minor to expose themselves. Certain people can also commit this crime by exposing themselves to a minor over whom they hold a position of authority.

Many sex crimes are considered felonies. Serious charges can result in up to 30-40 years in prison. A Hot Springs sex crimes law firm can help you evaluate your options and support you during your case.

What Are the Penalties for My Charges?

While some sex crimes are misdemeanors, many are considered felonies. There are several different types of felonies that have different levels of punishment depending on the crime committed, namely:

  • Class D Felonies: Class D felonies usually carry the lightest punishments. They still affect your voter and firearm rights, but Class D felonies have a sentencing limit of six years and a fine limit of $10,000. Some sexual assault charges are assigned as a class D felony, depending on the context of the situation.
  • Class C Felonies: Third-degree sexual assault and not complying with the state’s sex offender registry are assigned as class C felonies. The prison sentence can range from three to ten years, and an individual convicted can be fined up to $10,000.
  • Class B Felonies: Most instances of first-degree sexual assault involving adult defendants are class B felonies. These felony charges are also assigned to cases of sexual extortion. Class B felony convictions result in five to 20 years in prison and fines of up to $15,000.
  • Class A Felonies: Sex crimes that are assigned a class A felony charge are usually reserved for first-degree sexual assault charges. Often, first-degree sexual assault involves an adult who is an authority figure and engages in sexual behaviors with a minor under their authority. Penalties for Class A felonies range from six to 30 years in prison and fines of up to $15,000.
  • Class Y Felonies: Most rape charges are usually considered class Y felonies, or the most severe of all felonies. Prison time is usually between ten and 40 years but can also be extended to a life sentence, depending on the result of the case. If a defendant is convicted of raping a victim who was under 14 at the time they were raped, they have a minimum sentencing requirement of 25 years in prison.

FAQs About Hot Springs, AR Sex Crimes Law

What Is a Level 4 Sex Offender in Arkansas?

In Hot Springs, sex offenders are classified by the level of risk they pose to the community. There are four levels: Level 1 (low risk), Level 2 (moderate risk), Level 3 (high risk), and Level 4 (sexually dangerous person). A sexually dangerous person is classified as such if they have a sexual disorder like pedophilia or a mental illness, which makes them more likely to commit acts of sexual violence.

What Are the Sex Offender Laws in Arkansas?

In 1996, Megan’s Law was passed by the federal government. This law requires sex offender registries for each state. It also requires specific disclosure laws for individuals buying or selling property in communities with registered sex offenders. If an individual is considered a high-risk sex offender, certain restrictions are placed upon them, like being unable to live near worship or childcare centers or working with children.

How Do I Get Off the Sex Offender Registry in Arkansas?

In order to remove your name from the sex offender registry in Hot Springs, you must apply for termination at least 15 years after you are released from prison. If the court determines that you are not likely to offend again or put others in danger, they can remove you from the list. Most individuals who are registered as sexually dangerous persons are ineligible for removal due to their alleged predisposition to commit acts of sexual violence.

What Is the 5 14 103 Law in Arkansas?

Arkansas Code § 5-14-103 addresses which criminal activities are categorized as rape and provides sentencing information. A sexual act is considered rape if the victim was coerced or unable to consent due to mental illness or being a minor. If an individual is convicted of raping a victim under the age of 14, they are given a minimum sentence of 25 years in prison.

Seek Support for Your Sex Crime Case

By employing the services of a skilled criminal defense attorney, you can protect yourself from sex crime accusations. Schedule a consultation with Lemley Law Partners to learn how our attorneys can bring much-need legal knowledge and experience to your case. They have helped countless clients have their charges dismissed or significantly reduced, and they may be able to do the same for you.

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