Hot Springs White Collar Crime Lawyer

Hot Springs White Collar Crime Lawyer
Hot Springs White Collar Crime Lawyer

Hot Springs White Collar Crime Attorney

While white-collar crimes are normally nonviolent, they often have severe ramifications. If you have been investigated for or charged with a white collar crime, consider seeking help in the form of a Hot Springs white collar crime lawyer.

Lemley Law Partners: Criminal Defense Attorneys Fighting for You

The team at Lemley Law Partners has several years of experience working with clients throughout Arkansas. Our attorneys have been successful in dismissing and reducing a wide variety of criminal charges, including white collar crimes. They can develop a personalized defense plan for your unique situation. Give yourself a legal advantage by retaining our efficient and proactive legal team in Hot Springs, AR.

What Is White Collar Crime?

White collar crimes are financial crimes that are usually committed by individuals with high financial status, including those who work in the government and in business. A wide variety of crimes are considered white collar, including:

  • Embezzlement and Money Laundering: Both of these crimes typically involve obtaining money in a legally dubious manner. Embezzled funds are stolen from a business or its owner, while laundered money is illegally obtained but obfuscated through multiple transactions.
  • Fraud: There are many different types of fraud. Mortgage fraud usually occurs when an individual lies about their income or assets for better results on a mortgage loan. Individuals may commit healthcare fraud to receive insurance and/or government medical benefits they are not entitled to. Securities fraud involves manipulating the stock market, either as an investor or the owner of a publicly traded business.
  • Corruption: Public officials can commit white collar crimes if they take bribes that influence government decisions. Officials can also be extorted, which is when they are violently threatened to take certain actions. If an individual attempts to use the status of a public official to influence policy or gain access to government buildings, this would be considered identity theft.

While white collar crime is usually nonviolent in nature, it can cause irreparable damage to individuals and institutions and is thus punished with harsh penalties. Working with a white collar crime law firm could better your chances of avoiding a felony conviction or reducing your penalties.

Why Do I Need a Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney?

A trial can be an expensive and lengthy process, but a skilled criminal defense attorney could help you negotiate a favorable plea deal to avoid trial. They could also defend you in court and attempt to reduce your charges.

A white collar crime conviction could affect future employment opportunities and result in an excessive amount of fines. Our attorneys are knowledgeable about how white collar crimes are prosecuted, so we can develop a targeted plan to help you avoid such harsh penalties. Getting ahead of the prosecution by seeking legal counsel early could help you see the most positive outcome possible for your case.

What to Expect From Your Defense Attorney

Many people might think that they only need to seek legal representation after they become aware of a mandatory court appearance. However, a white collar crime attorney can help before your case reaches that point. Even if you don’t end up going to trial, here are some ways an attorney can help your situation:

  • Avoiding Self-Incrimination: It might be tempting to speak up about your situation for others to hear your side of the story. Unfortunately, this often does more harm than good. An attorney can help you control the narrative of your case to prevent accidentally admitting to charges.
  • Understanding Consequences: Many individuals do not understand the gravity of white collar accusations. Contacting an attorney can help you learn about the potential repercussions of the crimes you’re being accused of.
  • Additional Investigations: A legal team can conduct an investigation before the official court process begins to get ahead of the situation. This might result in finding evidence that supports your defense. The more time you have before an official investigation begins, the better.
  • Negotiation: Many prosecutors may seek a plea deal to avoid going to trial. Your lawyer could negotiate for a favorable plea deal if it benefits your case. They can also advise you on whether to take a plea bargain or take the case to trial.

FAQs About Hot Springs, AR White Collar Crime Law

What Is a White Collar Crime Lawyer?

White collar crime usually refers to crimes committed in a professional corporate setting. This includes things like money laundering, check fraud, embezzlement, tax fraud, forgery, and securities fraud. White collar crime lawyers typically defend corporate executives or high-ranking officials against accusations of white collar crime. They conduct investigations, protect their clients’ rights, negotiate with prosecutors, and defend their clients in court.

Are White Collar Crimes Under-Prosecuted?

White collar crimes typically have lower prosecution rates than other types of crime, especially in recent years. White collar crimes also take more time on average to go to trial. Although they are prosecuted less often, those accused of a white collar crime benefit from seeking legal counsel. Because these types of crimes are under-prosecuted, it’s likely that an attorney could help get your charges dismissed before a trial begins.

Are White Collar Crimes Difficult to Prove?

White collar crimes are often performed by high-ranking officials in a business or organization. This means that they are able to make their behaviors intentionally difficult to track by hiding them between multiple companies or excessive paperwork. Those who might know about these activities are often encouraged not to become whistleblowers due to potential retaliation. All of these factors make white collar crimes more difficult to prove than other crimes.

What Is the First Stage of a White Collar Investigation?

One of the first stages of conducting an investigation into white collar crime is gathering evidence. This can be more difficult than in other types of criminal cases because information might be intentionally hidden or destroyed. If an attorney is included in the early stages of an investigation, it could be easier to dismiss charges entirely before the case ever makes it to court.

Lemley Law Partners: Helping You Move Forward

Don’t let a white collar crime accusation go undefended. Schedule a consultation with Lemley Law Partners to share your story and understand your options. We can help develop solutions for your case to minimize its potential damage to your life.

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