Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Jacksonville, AR Criminal Defense Attorney

Facing criminal charges in Jacksonville, AR?

Even good people make mistakes. Whether you’re facing a DUI, theft charges, or the aftermath of a serious or violent crime, the effects of a criminal conviction could stay with you forever. Aside from the threat to your physical freedom, you could be facing fines, trouble gaining employment, or issues with getting adequate housing in the future. When you’ve been arrested for allegedly committing a crime, know your rights and understand your options. The prosecution will have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you committed the alleged offense. This means that having criminal defense representation during this trying time is the key to gaining the second chance you need.

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Jacksonville, AR Crime Rates

According to Neighborhood Scout, Jacksonville, AR, is among the U.S. communities with the highest crime rate for both violent and property crimes. The city’s rate of 54 crimes committed per 1,000 residents means that someone’s chance of being a victim of a crime in Jacksonville is one in 19. This is almost twice the national average, giving Jacksonville a higher crime rate than 94% of U.S. cities. City-Data reported that in 2019, the most common type of crime committed against a person or property in Jacksonville was theft, which made up almost 60% of crimes reported. However, in 2021, the Arkansas Department of Public Safety said there were 2,618 adults arrested for “crimes against persons” and 729 arrested for “crimes against property” in Pulaski County. While crimes against people and property are seriously penalized, crimes against another person result in criminal charges far more often in Arkansas overall.

If you or someone you know has been involved with a crime in Jacksonville, AR, you need a top-rated criminal defense law firm serving Jacksonville, AR. You need a criminal defense lawyer from Kevin Lemley Law Partners.

Jacksonville criminal defense attorney practice areas

Domestic Violence

Violent crimes against household members or family members are categorized as domestic violence, which includes non-physical acts like threats and intimidation. Even the least serious of these offenses could result in up to 30 days in jail and $500 in fines. The most serious charges could potentially result in a prison sentence of up to 30 years.

Drug Charges

Drug crimes are among the most common offenses in the United States today. A drug conviction not only means you face giving up your freedom and paying heavy fines, but you could also face issues with finding employment and losing custody of your kids when you’re released. Whether you’ve been charged with possession, trafficking, or other drug offenses, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect your rights.


Driving while intoxicated (DWI) in Arkansas can lead to severe consequences. Jail time, fines, and driver’s license suspension are some of the possible penalties, but there are other costs associated with a DWI conviction. Losing your license could impact your ability to work, care for your kids, and live your life as you want. DWI criminal defense lawyers are skilled at examining the situation, defending your rights, and working to minimize your sentence as much as possible.

Felony Defense

Felony crimes are penalized much more harshly than misdemeanors, but the range of offenses categorized as felonies is broad. Drug crimes, fourth-offense DWIs, and violent crimes are all considered felony offenses. If you’re facing felony charges, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to ensure you’re treated fairly and your rights are observed throughout the legal process.

Marijuana Possession

Possession of marijuana is a complicated subject these days. Some states have legalized specific amounts of the drug, while others still outlaw possession and over-criminalize marijuana possession. In Arkansas, you could face a felony conviction, hefty fines, and extensive jail time if convicted. A criminal defense firm with experience in marijuana defense can help mitigate the effects this charge will have on your future.

Criminal Kaw Resources in Jacksonville, AR

Life can be challenging after being arrested, charged, or convicted of a crime. Remember that you are not alone. Here are some local resources in Jacksonville and Pulaski County.

Families Inc. Counseling Services

An arrest or criminal conviction can lead to issues with depression and anxiety or put a strain on your relationships. Seeking counseling services can help improve your mental health and relationships throughout your legal ordeal. Families Inc. Counseling Services is one of the many facilities in Jacksonville, AR, that could help you on the road to wellness.

Families Inc. Counseling Services
2126 N 1st St., Suite F
Jacksonville, AR 72076
(501) 982-5000

Natural State Recovery Centers

Many criminal acts are the result of drug addiction. If you’re struggling with addiction, you may be able to get the help you need through rehabilitation and recovery services. Natural State Recover Center in Pulaski County provides a wide range of care and services to those battling addiction.

Natural State Recovery Centers
10025 Oakland Dr.
North Little Rock, AR 72118
(501) 319-7074

Arkansas Judiciary Courts

If you need help paying a ticket online or finding participating courts, use e-Traffic on the Arkansas Judiciary Courts website. This website also provides technical support for using e-Traffic if you can’t find your ticket online or have additional questions.

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers Serving Jacksonville, Arkansas

Being charged with a crime is an overwhelming and stressful experience. An Arkansas criminal law attorney at Kevin Lemley Law Partners can help you through every step of the legal process.

Our criminal defense attorneys are passionate about our clients, and we have experience practicing criminal defense in a variety of areas, such as:

FAQs About Jacksonville, AR Criminal Defense Laws

Do I need a criminal defense attorney if I plan on pleading guilty?

Working with a Jacksonville criminal attorney is beneficial, even if you’re planning on pleading guilty. Criminal lawyers are knowledgeable in criminal law matters and will protect your legal rights while trying to reduce your charges. Without a lawyer, you might receive harsher penalties within the criminal justice system than you deserve.

Should I speak to the police officer once I’m arrested?

You should avoid speaking to the police once you’re arrested. You’re not required to give law enforcement a statement, and anything you say or do can be used against you in court. Don’t speak to a police officer until you’ve consulted with your criminal defense lawyer.

What’s the difference between a dismissal and an expungement?

Dismissal occurs when the prosecutor drops your criminal case. For example, they might not have enough evidence to prove your guilt so they may grant you a dismissal. Meanwhile, an expungement is when the courts remove your case from your records. This is beneficial because your criminal record will be clean, so the public can’t view your past convictions.

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