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Although the media portrays criminal activity as violent and dramatic, the reality is not always this way. White collar crimes take place behind closed doors and lack the dramatics that Hollywood loves to portray. However, despite their lack of media attention, white collar offenses yield serious consequences.

Forgery is one such offense, and it can be difficult to understand the details of these crimes. In fact, some people commit forgery without intending to or giving it serious thought. Despite this, these crimes result in incarceration, fines, and other impactful punishments.  Upon conviction of a forgery charge, you will lose your gun rights.

If you are facing forgery or fraud charges, you need a Little Rock criminal defense attorney to help. Our team at Lemley Law Partners is here for you.

Lemley Law Partners: Your Forgery Lawyers in Little Rock, Arkansas

Our team has been practicing criminal law for a combined total of 50 years. During this time, we have gained invaluable insight into both state and federal forgery claims, defendant rights, defense strategies, and more. Our experience offers an advantage to our clients during the complicated and intimidating process of their felony criminal trial.

We understand that criminal law is nuanced and that our clients have unique situations surrounding their charges. Therefore, we approach all cases with an open mind and without judgment. You are free to speak openly with us as our client. We can use the truth of your case to build a strong argument in your favor. No other Little Rock forgery defense attorneys can provide the same level of insight, empathy, and skill that our team can.

Lemley Law Partners is an excellent choice for forgery defense legal counsel in the Little Rock area.

What Is Forgery?

Although many people have heard of forgery, few understand what it actually means. If you are facing these charges, it is crucial that you understand the accusations against you so that you can make informed decisions about your case.

Forgery is a type of white-collar crime in which a person makes a copy of or mimics a document, signature, bank note, artwork, or other protected item. For example, forging someone’s signature is the act of signing someone else’s name without their knowledge or permission.

Other examples of forgery include writing the name of a fictitious person, such as signing a document as “Sherlock Holmes” instead of your real name. It may also be a situation of position, for example, if you were to sign a document as a child’s guardian without being the guardian of that child.

To count as forgery, the offense must have been committed with the intent to deceive or trick someone else, or to better one’s own position. Many times, forgery is used to gain money. Insurance fraud and securities fraud are two common situations where offenders use forgery to get money illegally.

Punishments for Forgery in Arkansas

The punishment for forgery depends on the situation and the type of forgery that has occurred. The state breaks the offense into two categories: first degree and second-degree forgery.

First-degree forgery occurs when the forged item is:

  • Money
  • Postage stamps
  • Stock
  • Bond
  • Any other government document

The charge for first-degree forgery in Arkansas is a Class B felony. This results in a fine of up to $15,000 and between five and 20 years in prison.

Second-degree forgery includes items such as:

  • Wills
  • Contracts
  • Checks
  • Credit cards
  • Deeds

Second-degree forgery is a Class C felony in Arkansas, resulting in a fine of up to $10,000 and a prison sentence between three and ten years.

As with most felony offenses, the official punishments are not the only consequences of the crime. Many people with felony records experience difficulty finding appropriate housing. They often face challenges finding jobs that suit their education and experience, especially after a white-collar crime conviction. Most individuals with a felony record lose custody of their children. They may never be able to regain custody.

Why Do I Need a Little Rock Forgery Defense Attorney?

If you are being charged with forgery, it is important to understand the seriousness of your situation. You could be incarcerated for a significant portion of your life. You will also face a drastic decline in lifestyle, community, and control over your future. The only way to potentially avoid these punishments and consequences is by hiring an attorney. A proper defense attorney gives you the very best chance of winning your claim.

People who represent themselves in court often lose their cases. They do not have the training and understanding to properly argue their points in court. Forgery is complicated, and it is easy to inadvertently ruin your case because of a misunderstanding or simple mistake. Because of this and because so much is at stake, it is essential to protect yourself with proper legal support.

Additional Charges

In some cases, forgery accompanies other charges. Many times, offenders use forgery as a part of a larger plan or strategy. If caught, one person can be charged with several crimes, such as fraud, embezzlement, theft, and forgery. If you face additional charges, it is doubly important that you have proper legal care. The above punishments are only for the forgery counts. You can face additional time in prison or fines for other offenses.

If you are facing additional charges, be sure to find an attorney who is properly trained and experienced in several areas of criminal law. Some firms specialize in a single type of criminal offense. They may not be equipped to argue on your behalf on all counts. It is important to find a firm such as Lemley Law Partners that has a wide range of criminal defense experience. We can help you, no matter the circumstances of your criminal case.

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