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If you were charged with committing domestic violence, one of the first steps you should take to protect your rights is to hire a Searcy domestic violence lawyer. With the right legal strategy in place, you may be able to resolve your criminal case with favorable outcomes. Domestic violence charges require a strategic legal approach that supports your innocence.

At Lemley Law Partners, we understand the immense complexity of domestic violence charges. We can take the time to craft a strategic, airtight defense.

What Types of Crimes Are Classified as Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence crimes range from misdemeanors to felonies. The State Attorney General has made raising awareness about domestic violence a priority. Domestic violence refers to a pattern of abusive behaviors by one person against another in a close relationship, such as marriage, dating, family, or cohabitation.

It includes physical, emotional, sexual, psychological, and economic abuse aimed at maintaining power and control over the victim. A wide range of crimes are classified as domestic violence in Arkansas.

  • Battery: Battery refers to the intentional and unlawful use of force or violence against another person, resulting in harmful or offensive contact.
  • Assault: Assault is any act that causes physical harm or injury, or the threat of such harm, against a person within a domestic relationship. This can include acts such as hitting, punching, or other forms of physical violence perpetrated by one person against another. The crime can be classified as either a misdemeanor or a felony.
  • Stalking: Stalking is more common among former spouses or couples. When one party follows or uses social media to track a former partner, that can lead to criminal charges of stalking. Actions that are considered stalking often lead to more serious and more dangerous acts, which is why law enforcement takes allegations of stalking seriously.
  • Violation of protective order: Someone who fears they are in danger can request a protective order. The order can include many stipulations, with the most common being that the respondent or defendant cannot contact or come into close proximity with the petitioner. Violations of protective orders have criminal consequences.
  • Terroristic threat: Terroristic threat involves threatening to cause death, serious physical injury, or substantial property damage. Prosecutors must prove that the intent of the defendant is to terrorize another person. It is classified as a serious offense and can result in significant legal consequences.

No matter what crime you are charged with, a criminal defense attorney can question the narrative presented by the prosecution. With the right legal defense, you may be able to have the charges dropped or reduced.

Why You Need a Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Attorney

Unlike other types of crime, domestic violence crimes involve victims and defendants who intimately know each other. Often, they had an ongoing romantic relationship before the incident that led to criminal charges. In some cases, they may continue to have a romantic relationship even after one partner is charged with a crime.

This potentially creates inherent conflicts of interest for prosecutors seeking to criminalize actions that often arise during heated arguments. Your criminal defense attorney can look at what happened from a broader perspective. If the victim had their own history of abusive acts or verbal threats, that could weaken the prosecutor’s case.

The evidence may show that the defendant acted wholly or partly in self-defense. False allegations are not uncommon when it comes to domestic violence cases. Your lawyer in Searcy, Arkansas can explore a wide range of legal strategies that work to change the narrative surrounding the accusations that have been made against you.


Q: How Long Do Most Domestic Violence Cases Last?

A: Like other criminal cases, the length of a domestic violence case can differ. Even with misdemeanor offenses, it can take several months for prosecutors and defense attorneys to gather and assess the evidence tied to a case. The plea bargain process can move slowly as well, especially if the first offer is not favorable.

Q: What Is the Income Limit for Legal Aid in Arkansas?

A: The income standard for anyone seeking free legal help from Legal Aid of Arkansas is 125% of the federal poverty level. For families, that figure increases. Based on the current federal poverty level, an individual who earns less than $30,120 per year may be eligible to apply for free legal help.

Q: Is Self-Defense a Legal Strategy for Domestic Violence Charges?

A: Yes. If your actions were reasonable and proportional to the physical harm that you were facing, that could change how your case is viewed by the courts. Everyone has the right to defend themselves. The defensive measures must be proportional to the threat or perceived threat. Any evidence that shows you endured physical harm (bruises, cuts, scratches) can be used to strengthen your claim that you were defending yourself.

Q: Is Domestic Battery Second Degree a Felony in Arkansas?

A: Domestic Battery in the Second Degree is considered a felony in Arkansas. It is a serious offense that involves intentionally or recklessly causing physical injury to a family or household member. The offense is classified as a Class C felony in the state. Like other crimes, the presence of aggravating factors can increase the penalties associated with the criminal offense.

Q: What Percentage of Domestic Violence Cases Get Dismissed in the USA?

A: A higher percentage of domestic violence cases are dismissed or never prosecuted due to the complexity of this type of crime, which often involves victims and defendants who have or had intimate relationships. Emotions play a significant role in certain allegations of domestic abuse. The victim may be motivated by anger or a desire to seek revenge on a former lover.

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Domestic violence charges come with potentially serious criminal consequences and penalties for defendants. Do not attempt to defend yourself or forgo hiring a skilled criminal defense lawyer to advocate for your interests. There are two sides to every story, and the attorneys at Lemley Law Partners are here to provide compassionate guidance. To schedule your consultation, contact our office today.

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