Kevin M. Lemley

Kevin M. Lemley

Helping Our Arkansas Neighbors

Twenty years ago, I started helping people in tight spots. With every new case I learned that the justice system is not at all what I thought before I began practicing law. I’ve experienced the Houston, Texas area and the Little Rock area in my time as a lawyer and am glad I decided to follow through with my passion for helping people in these tight spots. While most of my work has been in Arkansas, I have also won cases in Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Texas. The only thing I love more than being in the courtroom is seeing the relief in our clients’ eyes when they realize the world isn’t ending and there really is a bright side to all this!

When I get questions like “What and how do you do things?”, people are usually surprised when I say we are a logistics company like FedEx. We take people from a difficult time in their life to a happier time in their life. We believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we pride ourselves in getting to that brightness sooner than later. You deserve the sigh of relief!

We opened our home office in Cabot several years ago, where I live with my stunning wife and loving daughter. As word got out about our success rate, folks were driving all over the state to see us. We now offer virtual assistance and private communication lines to create efficient outcomes and experiences while we represent you. In 2021, we opened the Searcy office in a great location across the street from the new court building. In 2022, we opened the Little Rock office and now service 3 of the largest counties in Arkansas with astounding results.


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Kevin M. Lemley

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