Batesville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Batesville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Batesville, AR Criminal Defense Attorney

One evening, you decide to get drinks with your friends. You are celebrating your friend’s promotion, so you drink more than you usually do. You feel sober at the end of the night, so you think you are OK to drive home. On the way back, a police officer pulls you over for a broken headlight. Due to your behavior, the officer has reason to believe that you have been drinking. Upon taking a breathalyzer test, you realize that you were over the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit even though you felt sober. Now you have a DWI charge and do not know what to do. At Kevin Lemley Law Partners, we understand that good people make mistakes. That is why our law firm is here to help you win your case.

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Crimes Rates in Batesville, AR

According to, Batesville, Arkansas, is in the 33rd percentile for safety. This means that 67% of cities in Arkansas are safer than Batesville. Additionally, Batesville has a 1.75% crime rate for drug-related crimes and a 4.8% crime rate for assault. These statistics do not necessarily mean that Batesville is a dangerous place to live. However, it could mean that you or someone you know could be more likely to be involved in crime.


Life can be challenging after being arrested, charged, or convicted of a crime. Remember that you are not alone. Here are some local resources to help you.

Arkansas Department of Corrections

The Arkansas Department of Corrections is a beneficial resource for offenders and those with a prior criminal conviction. The website has various resources, including office locations, programs and services, and visitation updates.

Batesville Family Violence Prevention

Batesville Family Violence Prevention is an organization devoted to helping local community members who need housing and other resources. Visit its website to learn more about the organization’s services and housing resources.

Batesville Family Violence Prevention
192 E. Main St.
Batesville, Arkansas 72501
(870) 793-8111

Behavioral Health Group

You may benefit from substance abuse treatment if your charge or conviction is related to drugs or alcohol. Consider going to a treatment center at Behavioral Health Group to start your path to recovery.

Behavioral Health Group
255 E. College St.
Batesville, Arkansas 72501
(870) 569-9862

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys serving the Batesville Area

An Arkansas criminal law attorney at Kevin Lemley Law Partners can help you through every step of the legal process. We are skilled in criminal cases involving drug possession, DWIs, and felony charges.

In addition to criminal defense law, our law office can assist our clients in the following areas:

FAQs About Batesville, AR Criminal Defense Laws

Do I need a criminal defense attorney if I plan on pleading guilty?

Working with a criminal defense attorney is beneficial, even if you are planning on pleading guilty. An attorney knowledgeable about criminal charges will protect your legal rights and try to get you the best outcome possible. Without a lawyer, you might receive harsher penalties within the criminal justice system than you deserve.

Should I speak to the police officer once I’m arrested?

You should avoid speaking to the police following your arrest. You are not required to give law enforcement a statement, and anything you say or do can be used against you in court. Do not speak to a police officer until you consult your criminal defense lawyer.

What is the difference between an aggravating factor and a mitigating factor?

An aggravating factor is any reason a judge might increase your sentence. A typical example of this includes having a previous criminal record. Meanwhile, a mitigating factor is a reason for a judge to reduce your sentence. For example, having a clean record or showing remorse for your actions can be mitigating factors.

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Dealing with the criminal justice system can be complex and overwhelming. Remember that the legal team at Kevin Lemley Law Partners is on your side. If you have been charged or arrested for a crime in Batesville, Arkansas, contact us today to get started on your case.

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