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When you are charged with a violent crime, it is possible that you could face the most severe punishment for the crime if convicted. No one wants to face harsh punishments for any crime, especially a crime they did not commit. A Cabot violent crime lawyer at Lemley Law Partners can make sure that you get a fair trial with a strong defense team to advocate for you. You should have the most effective team of defense lawyers to represent you.

Lemley Law Partners: Your Cabot Violent Crime Lawyers

At Lemley Law Partners, we strive to achieve results that our clients are happy with. Each of our team members has several years of experience in the legal field, representing clients of different backgrounds. We approach each case with understanding and commitment, finding solutions to every problem that comes our way. We can fight for you and defend your rights.

Types of Violent Crimes

A violent crime is one in which an offender uses violence or threatens to use violence against their victim. In Arkansas criminal law, violent crimes are typically ruled as felonies and carry harsh punishments if there is a conviction.


Murder encompasses first-degree murder, second-degree murder, and capital murder. First-degree murder and second-degree murder are both Class Y felonies. If convicted of first-degree murder, the offender faces between 10 and 40 years of prison time or life. Capital murder carries a life sentence without parole or the death penalty. Second-degree murder is a Class A felony, which is not as severe as Class Y. The penalties are six to 30 years in prison and a $15,000 fine.


Manslaughter occurs when a person unintentionally causes the death of another person due to recklessness or some kind of extreme emotional disturbance. The charge can also apply if a person purposely assists or causes someone else to commit suicide. This is a Class B felony, carrying a sentence of five to 20 years and a fine of up to $15,000.

Aggravated Assault

An offender commits aggravated assault if they:

  • Purposely behave in a way that puts someone at risk of serious physical harm or death.
  • Pull out a firearm to put someone at risk of death or serious injury.
  • Impede another person’s ability to breathe by blocking their nose and mouth or applying pressure to their chest or throat.

This violent act is a Class D Felony, the lowest classification. It carries a penalty of no more than six years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines.


Rape, including statutory rape, is a Class Y felony in the state of Arkansas and carries the same penalties as first-degree murder, which are 10 to 40 years in prison or life. A person who pleads guilty to or is found guilty of the rape of a person under the age of 14 can be subject to a minimum of 25 years in prison.


Robbery is a Class B felony, punishable by five to 20 years in prison and a maximum fine of $15,000. Aggravated robbery is a Class Y felony. Robbery becomes aggravated robbery when the offender:

  • Has or represents that they have a deadly weapon.
  • Attempts to or does cause death or serious injury to a victim.

How a Violent Crime Lawyer Can Help You

There are several ways a violent crime lawyer can help you and greatly benefit the outcome of your case. A violent crime lawyer can:

  • Investigate your charges. A lawyer can look at every aspect of your case to find any holes or weaknesses in the prosecution that can be exploited for your benefit.
  • Determine a good defense. If you have an alibi, acted in self-defense, or there isn’t sufficient evidence, these facts can all be used in your defense.
  • Represent you in court. Court representation is very important, especially for severe charges. Your attorney can be your voice.
  • Negotiate with the prosecution. It’s common for lawyers to negotiate plea deals to get reduced sentencing if it works for you.
  • Provide support. Being charged with a violent crime can cause emotional difficulties as well as stress. Your lawyer can be a source of emotional support as well as help you in a legal aspect.

Being charged with a violent crime in Cabot, Arkansas is very serious, and you don’t want to leave your freedom up to chance. You want a good team of defense attorneys in your corner, acting in your interest and doing everything they can to defend those interests.

FAQs About Cabot, AR Violent Crime Law

What Is Considered a Violent Crime in Arkansas?

In Arkansas, many crimes can be considered violent crimes if the perpetrator causes a person physical harm, uses a weapon, or threatens to kill or harm someone. While most violent crimes are felonies in Arkansas, some can be classified as misdemeanors under certain conditions, such as battery in the first degree.

How Much Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Cost in Arkansas?

The cost of a criminal defense lawyer in Arkansas ranges anywhere between $150 and $500. For felony charges, the cost may be on the higher end, depending on the nature of the crime and any complicating factors. You should also consider the fact that more experienced lawyers may charge more, and some may charge a retainer fee.

Where Does Arkansas Rank in Violent Crime?

Arkansas is currently ranked in the top five states for violent crime rates in the United States. It was reported by FBI data that, in 2022, the violent crime rate in Arkansas had dropped slightly in the state to 645.3 per 100,000 residents. However, it is difficult to accurately say what the overall violent crime rate is in Arkansas because not every crime is reported.

What Are the Four Types of Violent Crime?

According to the FBI, the four types of violent crime are murder, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. These are considered to be the four most serious violent criminal offenses and include a range of other violent crimes, such as any offense where the offender uses force or threatens to use force.

Let Lemley Law Partners Represent You

Any kind of violent crime conviction will negatively impact a person’s life significantly, no matter how minor the charge. If you want a defense team that can work hard at representing you and defending your rights, you should contact Lemley Law Partners. Our team of attorneys is prepared to look over your case and come up with a plan to get the outcome you deserve.

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