Little Rock, AR Crime Rate 2024 – Latest Statistics

Kevin M. Lemley

Little Rock perhaps has a reputation for being an incredibly crime-ridden city. However, it is also not without its good qualities, so it’s valuable for current and prospective residents to learn more about what makes up the Little Rock, AR, crime rate.

While it is true that the city has a high frequency of criminal activity, it’s always worth the time to learn the specific statistics. For example, the city’s rate of property crime contributes to the overall average, yet the area’s rate of violent crimes still surpasses the state’s rate (and the country’s).

Little Rock: One of Arkansas’ Most Dangerous Cities

Little Rock in Pulaski County has a population of over 200,000 residents, making it the state’s most populated city. Compared to the rest of Arkansas, Little Rock has an overall higher rate of crime– based on both violent crimes and property violations.

Crime rates are relative to an area’s population. While it makes sense for the state’s most populous city to report a high amount of crime compared to smaller cities and towns, Little Rock’s crime rate is still notably higher than the state overall. Data suggests that 17 crimes occur per square mile across the state of Arkansas, while Little Rock sees 121 crimes per square mile.

The city has a violent crime rate of 18.25 per 1,000 people, more than double Arkansas’ rate of 6.45. Overall, a person’s chances of becoming a victim anywhere in Arkansas is 1 in 155, but this likelihood increases to a 1 in 55 chance in Little Rock.

Property crimes happen frequently across the state in general, at a rate of 24.52 per 1,000 people, making your chances of becoming victimized by a property crime in Arkansas at 1 in 41. Once again, Little Rock’s rate of property crime is also significantly higher; the chances of a city resident falling victim to a property crime is 1 in 19 (a rate of 53.83 per 1,000 individuals).

Little Rock, AR, Is Among the Country’s Highest Crime Rate Cities

With Little Rock’s rate of crime far surpassing that of the state, it’s no surprise that the city ranks among the country’s cities with the highest crime rate. Little Rock ranks as the U.S. city with the fifth-highest rate of violent crime.
The country overall reports an unspecified crime event occurring at a rate of 27 offenses per square mile, which is significantly lower than Little Rock’s rate of 121.

The rate of violent crime in Little Rock, 18.25 per 1,000 residents, is over four times as high as the national average of 4 crimes occurring per 1,000 people. The city’s frequency of property crime, 53.83, is more than double the national average, which is 20 incidents of property violations occurring per 1,000 people.

What’s It Like Living in Little Rock?

Little Rock, despite being the state’s largest city and capital, still maintains a dense suburban feel throughout its various neighborhoods and other areas. The city may be known for its high rates of crime, reporting over 14,000 offenses annually on average (a rate of 72.08 crimes per 1,000 residents). However, people also consider Little Rock’s other qualities as balancing out its potential risks, making it an appealing place to reside.

Little Rock has an incredibly diverse population, with access to numerous opportunities for outdoor recreation and to enjoy the city’s bustling nightlife. It also has easy commuting options. The city is an ideal location for young professionals and families with children alike, having above-average public schools, fitness facilities, job opportunities, and available housing.

Little Rock’s low cost of living is another strong appeal for residents, along with the mild weather, which makes the city all the more pleasant and simple to enjoy.


Q: Where Is Little Rock Ranked for Crime?

A: According to the most recent data of the U.S. cities with the highest violent crime rates, Little Rock ranks as having the fifth-highest rate of violent crime nationwide. Little Rock reports events of violent crime as occurring at a rate of 1,634 offenses per 100,000 people. Little Rock is outranked by the cities of:

  • Memphis, TN
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Detroit, MI
  • St. Louis, MO

St. Louis ranked as the city with the highest violent crime rate.

Q: Is Little Rock, Arkansas, a Good Place to Live?

A: Whether a person will find Little Rock, AR, to be the right place to live depends on their individual needs and available resources. The city has a high rate of crime, particularly property offenses, but this is not unexpected for a major city. Little Rock also has a low cost of living, beautiful weather and scenery, job opportunities, and other appealing aspects.

Q: Is It Safe to Walk Around Little Rock, Arkansas?

A: Just as it is with any other city that has a high rate of crime, it is relatively safe to walk around Little Rock, but you should always practice caution. Remain aware of your surroundings, and stay in well-lit areas. Preferably, walk only in the parts of town that you’re familiar with, and don’t go to unfamiliar areas at night. Some consider the safest neighborhoods in Little Rock to include Ferndale, Northpoint, Duquesne Place, Aberdeen Court, and Bayonne Place.

Q: Where Is the Bad Part of Little Rock?

A: One source reports that the Little Rock neighborhoods where one has the highest chances of becoming a victim of either a violent offense or a property crime include the part of the city that’s east of I-30, East Little Rock, East Roosevelt, and the neighborhoods of Town and Country, Pinedale, Oak Forest, and Briarwood.

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