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It’s important to be familiar with Arkansas gun laws as a resident, whether you’re a gun owner or not. If you’ve been charged with a gun-related offense or you’re unsure if you committed a firearms violation, a Little Rock gun crime lawyer can answer your questions and explain your legal options upon reviewing your case.

Guns Laws and Regulations in Arkansas

Arkansas is known to have some of the most gun-friendly firearms legislation of all the states, with several statutes supporting gun rights. There is no minimum age to own a rifle or shotgun. However, minors cannot own or be in possession of a handgun unless they are under adult or parental supervision while participating in lawful marksmanship activities (e.g., practice, training, competitions, other legal recreation, etc.).

You must be 18 years or older to purchase a long gun or a handgun; the exception to this is if you choose to buy a weapon from a licensed firearms dealer. If so, you must be 21 years or older, in accordance with federal law.

During private handgun transactions, there are no requirements to provide a gun license, registration, or other documentation. A gun purchase from a licensed dealer in Little Rock or any place in Arkansas will require an instant background check before they can provide the firearm, per federal law.

There is no waiting period to purchase a gun. As long as you meet the age requirement for the type of firearm transaction that you are conducting and have an in-state driver’s license or ID to confirm your age, you can buy a firearm without needing a permit. There is also no legal mandate requiring a permit to carry a concealed weapon or to openly carry your firearm, except while in prohibited areas.

Prohibited Weapons and Firearm Owners in AR

Arkansas law prohibits convicted felons from:

  • Purchasing weapons
  • Being in possession of any gun
  • Residing in a household where there is a firearm on the premises

Additionally, individuals with certain domestic violence restraining orders against them are also not permitted to buy or carry a gun. Furthermore, military service members who were dishonorably discharged are barred from carrying or buying a firearm.

Anyone who was officially determined to be mentally ill or incompetent or was committed to a mental institution involuntarily is also legally prohibited from possessing or purchasing a firearm. Out-of-state residents are not able to purchase a handgun and leave Arkansas in possession of it. They can buy a long gun, but any purchased handguns will be sent to a licensed dealer from their own state.

Arkansas also does not allow the selling or ownership of certain weapons that are prohibited by federal law, including:

  • Machine guns
  • Modified firearms (e.g., sawed-off shotguns or those with altered or removed serial marks or ID numbers)
  • Brass (metal) knuckles
  • Bombs and other explosives

Recent Amendments to Firearm Legislature in Arkansas

In 2023, the Arkansas General Assembly passed Act 777. This mandate simply clarifies that concealed carry licenses for handguns are not required for residents in areas where carrying a gun is not prohibited. Instead, they are provided for the ease of Arkansas residents when traveling out of the state.

It also outlined the option for an enhanced permit that allows qualifying persons, upon completing and receiving certification for extra safety training, to carry concealed weapons into certain locations where firearms are otherwise prohibited. Additionally, the act clarified the regulations surrounding professionals, such as law enforcement, hunters, firearms trainers, etc., for carrying guns in otherwise restricted areas.

In 2021, Arkansas also passed a bill regarding self-defense and standing your ground. Previously, the state followed the “Castle Doctrine,” which restricted you to using your weapon in self-defense only while in your house or on your property. After SB 24 was passed, residents are now allowed to legally defend themselves by using their firearm without first taking other, previously mandated measures.

Drawing one’s weapon is legal as long as:

  • It is a response to the hostile threats or actions of another individual.
  • The defender feels that they’re in imminent danger or at risk of serious bodily injury.
  • Another person is or is about to commit a felony using force or violence.


Q: Can a Felon Own a Firearm in Arkansas?

A: No, any individual who has been convicted of a felony offense loses their legal right to buy or be in possession of a firearm, including long guns and handguns. Felons are also prohibited from residing in a household where there is a gun on the premises. Felons with violent crime convictions are more likely to face harsher penalties if they are found to be guilty of illegal firearm possession.

Q: Where Can You Not Bring a Gun in AR?

A: For most non-exempt gun owners, firearms aren’t permitted on:

  • Public or private school grounds, including colleges/universities and their events
  • School buses and bus stops
  • Public buildings at the State Capitol and Arkansas Justice building
  • Any state office
  • Police/sheriff stations
  • Jails, prisons, and detention facilities
  • Non-firearm-related athletic events
  • Churches/places of worship
  • Parades
  • Airport terminals
  • Some bars
  • Private property when notified beforehand

Q: What Is the SBR Law in Arkansas?

A: The state law regarding short barrel rifles (SBRs) applies to rifles with a barrel measuring less than 16 inches. Residents must pay a $200 fine to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) if they wish to transfer an SBR into their Arkansas gun trust or for their trust to manufacture an SBR for them.

Q: Can I Buy a Gun in Arkansas With an Out-of-State License?

A: People from outside the state can buy a rifle or a shotgun in Arkansas with any valid license from another state. However, they cannot acquire a handgun unless they are an in-state resident. Technically, the law allows travelers from out of the state to purchase a handgun, but it cannot be transferred into their possession. Instead, the firearm would be shipped to a federally licensed firearms establishment in their home state.

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