Searcy Felony Defense Lawyer

Searcy Felony Defense Lawyer

Searcy Felony Defense Lawyer

Searcy Felony Defense Attorney

If you are charged with a felony, you are facing very serious penalties. Without fierce legal representation, you might have to spend time in jail, pay costly fines, and lose career and educational opportunities. To fight for a positive outcome, you should consult with a Searcy felony defense lawyer as soon as you can.

Our team of dedicated criminal defense lawyers at Lemley Law Partners has extensive experience standing up for Searcy residents against felony charges. If you are facing severe criminal charges for any crime, you can consult with one of our attorneys and rest assured that your case is in capable hands.

What Is a Felony?

If you are charged with a serious crime, typically one with aggravating factors, you could face harsh punishments. In Searcy, AR, a felony is any crime for which you can be punished with at least one year in prison. There are many different classes of felonies in Arkansas, each with different punishments.

  • Class D Felonies: The most minor felony charge you can face, Class D felonies can result in penalties of up to six years in prison and fines of up to $10,000. Crimes that the state classifies as Class D felonies include aggravated assault and theft of property. With the right criminal defense lawyer on your case, you might be able to reduce your Class D felony charge to a misdemeanor charge.
  • Class C Felonies: If you are charged with a Class C felony, you can expect to face between three and ten years in prison and $10,000 in monetary fines. If you are found guilty of crimes like commercial burglary and drug possession, then your crime might be considered Class C.
  • Class B Felonies: If you’re facing a Class B felony charge or conviction, you might face between five and 20 years incarcerated and have to pay fines of $15,000. Crimes that might fall into this category include battery and witness intimidation.
  • Class A Felonies: A Class A felony is one of the most serious charges and typically leads to penalties of between six and 30 years in prison and $15,000 in fines. If you are convicted of second-degree murder, residential burglary, or other serious crimes, you may be charged with a Class A felony.
  • Class Y Felonies: The most serious felony charge in Arkansas, a Class Y felony can lead to between ten and 40 years in prison and sometimes life. If you are convicted of kidnapping or rape, you usually can expect this classification.
  • Capital Murder: In some cases, if you are found guilty of capital murder, you will face life in prison or the death penalty.

How Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Help You?

If you are facing felony criminal charges in Arkansas, no matter what Class they fall into, you should reach out to a criminal defense attorney in Searcy, AR. Your lawyer can examine all of the evidence in your case and other factors, like your criminal record, to determine a legal strategy.

If you plead not guilty, your lawyer can work tirelessly to craft an air-tight argument on your behalf. They can draw on all applicable evidence to help prove your innocence. If you plead guilty, your lawyer can do everything in their power to negotiate a light sentence.

FAQs About Searcy, AR Felony Defense Law

What Is the Highest Felony in Arkansas?

Arkansas classifies felonies into several classes, with Class Y being the most severe. If you are charged with a Class Y felony, then you can spend between ten and 40 years in prison and, in some cases, the rest of your life. If you are found guilty of rape, drug trafficking, or similar severe crimes, you might be convicted of a Class Y felony.

How Much Does a Felony Defense Attorney Cost in Searcy?

All criminal defense attorneys have their own pricing structure and rates, so the amount that you pay for your felony defense attorney in Searcy will vary based on who you choose to represent you. Factors that might influence the fees that you pay include your lawyer’s reputation, your needs, and how much work your attorney has to put into your case.

What Is the Minimum Sentence for a Felony in Arkansas?

The minimum sentence you might see for a felony conviction in Arkansas would be for a Class D felony. Penalties for a Class D felony typically include spending between three and six years in prison and paying fines of up to $10,000. If you are convicted of a crime such as aggravated assault, you might face a Class D felony charge.

What Crimes Have No Statute of Limitations in Arkansas?

Many felony crimes do not have a statute of limitations in Arkansas, which means that they do not have a time limit on when you can report them. However, there is a six-year statute of limitations on certain Class Y and A felonies and a three-year time limit on Class B, C, and D felonies. If you are unsure if the statute of limitations has run out in your case, you should get in touch with an attorney.

What Is the Nine-Month Rule in Arkansas?

If you are incarcerated in Arkansas, the prosecution typically has nine months to bring you to trial. If you are not incarcerated, then they have 12 months to bring you to trial. If you are not brought to trial, they need to show cause for why you have not been. Your criminal defense lawyer can inform you of your rights as someone who has been charged with a crime, as well as how to protect them.

Consult With a Fierce Searcy Felony Defense Lawyer

If you are in need of a hard-working criminal defense attorney for a felony charge in Searcy, AR, Lemley Law Partners can help you. We take the time to get to know each client and can work tirelessly to craft a strong defense strategy for your case. With us on your side, you can find some peace of mind knowing an experienced legal professional is fighting for your future. To schedule a consultation and find out more about how we can support you, contact us today.

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