Hot Springs Violent Crime Lawyer

Hot Springs Violent Crime Lawyer
Hot Springs Violent Crime Lawyer

Hot Springs Violent Crime Attorney

Violent crime encompasses a wide variety of different types of crimes, including domestic violence, assault, battery, and homicide. Depending on the severity of the crime, those accused of violent crimes could receive either a felony or misdemeanor conviction, both of which can result in serious consequences. If you are facing violent crime charges, contact a Hot Springs violent crime lawyer who can fight for you.

Protect Your Interests

At Lemley Law Partners, we understand how stressful a violent crime charge can be for the accused. We strive to approach each unique case with compassion and support and have successfully fought many different types of violent crime charges, including felony assault, terroristic threatening, and domestic battery. Working with the seasoned attorneys at Lemley Law Partners can help you get your life back on track.

What Defines a Crime as Violent?

A crime is considered violent if a perpetrator uses physical force or threatens physical force on another individual. Violent crimes in Hot Springs, AR include things like:

  • Assault and Battery: Many people confuse assault and battery as the same thing because they are normally charged together, but there is a legal distinction. You can be charged with assault for threatening violence without actually committing the violence itself. If you do commit violence, you often receive both assault and battery charges. If the assault is serious enough, it could be labeled as aggravated assault.
  • Homicide: Homicide is a broad term that applies to a wide variety of crimes, including murder and manslaughter. The severity of the punishment is associated with the person’s intent to kill the victim. If someone acts negligently in a way that directly results in the death of another, this is considered negligent homicide.
  • Theft: If threats are used during a crime like a robbery or burglary, those crimes might be considered violent. Some theft charges are only considered misdemeanors, but violent cases are often classified as felony offenses. The value of the goods that were stolen is also taken into account when determining the severity of a theft charge.

Violent crimes come in many different forms but carry significant weight, especially if they are assigned with a felony charge. In Arkansas, every convicted felony results in a certain amount of jail time, depending on its severity. Working with a Hot Springs violent crime law firm can help prevent or reduce jail time for your charges.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

Regardless of whether you believe yourself to be innocent, a skilled criminal defense lawyer is a crucial asset. An attorney can help gather the evidence and witnesses needed to defend against your charges in a court of law. They can help you develop a strategy to protect your interests and minimize negative consequences.

Common Defenses for Violent Crimes

An attorney could use many strategies to defend against your criminal charges. Below are common defense strategies that could be used to defend against a violent crime charge:

  • Lack of Evidence: In the United States, you are innocent until proven guilty. This means that the prosecutors must have sufficient evidence that you committed the crime. If they cannot prove this beyond a reasonable doubt, then it’s unlikely that you will be convicted.
  • Uncertain Identity: If a witness could not see the perpetrator clearly while the crime was happening, they might have mistaken the identity of the defendant. Human memory is faulty, and a witness might not be able to identify you from a lineup of individuals who look similar to you. They could also incorrectly identify the perpetrator.
  • Alibi: Gathering as much evidence as possible is important when attempting to establish an alibi. If you are able to prove that you were at a different location during the date and time the crime was committed, you could have an alibi for your charges.
  • Self-Defense: In certain situations, a defendant and their legal team might be able to argue that the defendant acted out of self-defense. In Arkansas, the Castle Doctrine gives defendants more leeway if they are trying to protect themselves from an intruder in their home.

FAQs About Hot Springs, AR Violent Crime Law

What Is Considered a Violent Crime in Arkansas?

In order for a crime to be considered violent in Hot Springs, the perpetrator must have either used or threatened to use physical violence to commit the crime. Violent crimes include assault, homicide, violent threats, and more. Many of these crimes are felonies and result in harsh repercussions for convicted individuals.

What Percentage of a Sentence Must Be Served in Arkansas?

The Arkansas state government recently passed legislation affecting how much time a prisoner must serve of their sentence in prison and their chances of parole. According to the new legislation, those convicted of more egregious felonies like rape and murder are not eligible for parole, and they must serve their complete sentence. Other felonies like homicide and battery require the prisoner to serve 85% of their sentence in prison.

What Is the New Law on Violent Offenders in Arkansas?

The Protect Arkansas Act affects violent offenders by altering their eligibility for parole and requiring them to serve a certain amount of their sentences in prison. Depending on the severity of the crime, violent offenders must serve 25%-100% of their sentences in prison. In order to be released early, they must earn “release credits” by working on things like education and work experience while in prison.

What Is the Penalty for Aggravated Assault in Arkansas?

If an incidence of assault is aggravated, it means there are additional factors that made the crime more severe, including using weapons or having a previous history of assault. In Hot Springs, aggravated assault is a Class D felony. This means that offenders could spend up to six years in prison and need to pay up to $10,000 in fines.

Protect Your Future by Retaining a Hot Springs Violent Crime Lawyer

Violent crime charges can be immensely intimidating for those accused. However, working with a criminal defense attorney may help prevent you from facing extensive jail time and reduce the negative impact a conviction can have on your life. Schedule a consultation with Lemley Law Partners to understand your options.

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