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It’s understandable to shudder at the thought of your morality. However, it’s important to make arrangements for what will happen when you pass; otherwise, you will leave your family and friends with a host of confusion in their time of grief. If you draw up a detailed last will and testament with the help of an estate planning attorney from Kevin Lemley Law Partners, you can ensure that your intentions for your estate in Little Rock, AR are clear and set.

What’s a Valid Will?

One day, we will all pass on, and we need to have a plan in place for what will happen to our assets when that day comes. One way to prepare in advance is to draw up a will, which is a legal document outlining how you want your assets to be distributed.

Different states throughout the country have unique requirements for a legitimate will. If you’re creating a will in Arkansas, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Be of sound mind (in other words, understand the nature of what you’re doing).
  • Create the will in writing (handwritten or typed), and sign it.
  • Have the document signed by two adult witnesses who are not heirs to anything in the will.

Why Do I Need a Will?

A will gives you a say in what happens to your estate after you die. If you don’t have a will, the state of Arkansas can take jurisdiction over settling your estate, which means that other people decide where your assets end up. In this case, your estate would go to your spouse of more than three years or your descendants. If you want parts of your estate to go to certain loved ones, you should specify this in a will.

Why Do I Need an Estate Planning Attorney?

Although it’s not legally required to consult an attorney when making a will in Arkansas, an estate planning attorney can be an invaluable asset when you are creating your will. These lawyers understand the intricacies of distributing assets after a person’s death, and they can help you determine your plans in advance. If you want to create a will, you should contact a will lawyer, who is an estate planning attorney who helps clients declare how their possessions will be distributed.

If you wish, a will lawyer can take a close look at your assets and help you determine how you want to distribute them. This includes passing on financial assets but also determining incredibly important decisions like who will become the guardian for your children. Your lawyer can take the time to listen to your desires and concerns, then provide informed guidance on what they think is the right plan for your assets.

Even if you want to create your own will, you can still benefit from the guidance of a will lawyer. They can review your document to make sure that it is clear and error-free while providing guidance or suggestions. Having the experienced eyes of an attorney on your will before you pass can help prevent disputes about the will’s legitimacy from arising during probate. The last thing your family needs while grieving is conflict and confusion about the will, so having a legal professional ensure that it’s sound before you pass does them a favor.

FAQs About Little Rock, AR Laws

What Type of Lawyer Is Ideal for Wills?

An estate planning attorney is your ideal choice for drawing up a will. These lawyers understand the laws and procedures involved with making plans for an estate, like probate law and tax law. They are skilled at composing clear, detailed, and error-free documents that effectively communicate a person’s wishes. They can also review your will to make sure that it is sound before you pass.

Do Arkansas Wills Have to Be Notarized?

Getting a will notarized is not required in Arkansas, but you should consider it if you are worried about anyone disputing the validity of your will after your passing. Notarizing your will makes it “self-proving” and can streamline the process of probate, which is when your will is validated and your assets are distributed.

What Makes a Will Valid in Arkansas?

To make sure your will is valid in Arkansas, you need to be 18 or older when you write it, sign it, and have two witnesses who are also over 18 sign it. These witnesses must not be involved with the will in any way. Your will must be written down for it to be valid. Oral wills or any kind of verbally expressed wishes are not considered valid.

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Will in Arkansas?

You don’t necessarily need a lawyer to make a will in Arkansas, but a lawyer can be helpful in providing guidance and drawing up a sound, clear document. If you have a large estate with multiple properties, investments, or valuables, you should definitely contact an Arkansas will lawyer to help you plan for how you wish to distribute your assets.

What’s the Difference Between a Will and a Trust?

Estate planning is full of various specific legal terms, and you might have heard the words will and trust in similar conversations. They’re different concepts, and each can help you meet different needs. A will lets you determine how you want your estate to be distributed after you die. For example, you can leave a property to your nephew in your will.

With a trust, you can transfer assets to a third party while you’re still alive, and the beneficiary can have them after you pass. For example, you can leave your nephew a sum of money that he can’t touch until he’s 30. A trust is also unique because it doesn’t need to go through probate the way a will does, which could save your family members from dealing with a long, time-consuming process.

Find Your Trustworthy Little Rock, AR Wills Lawyer Today

No one wants to worry about what will happen when they are no longer around. The right will lawyer can make your estate planning process go smoothly so you can relax, knowing that your loved ones are taken care of. At Kevin Lemley Law Partners, we are committed to helping you articulate your wishes. We can help clarify any confusion about wills, help with writing or reviewing them, and handle many other aspects of estate planning. Contact us today for support when drawing up your will.

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